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Ultra96 USB-to-JTAG/UART Pod

***WARNING -- Be cautious with ESD protection when using this board with Ultra96. The Ultra96 has exposed pins on the UART and JTAG headers. Be careful not to touch these pins or the circuits on the Pod when plugging the boards together.


The Ultra96 USB-to-JTAG/UART Pod is an inexpensive and convenient way to add both USB-to-UART and Xilinx USB-to-JTAG capability. With a single microUSB connection to the host,this pod provides the transceivers to communicate with both the UART and JTAG headers on Ultra96. This then allows engineers to access a serial terminal and Xilinx JTAG tools for communication, debugging, and simulation.



  •  microUSB high-speed USB 2.0 connection
  •  Female UART header compatible with the Ultra96 UART male header
  •  Female JTAG header compatible with the Ultra96 JTAG male header


Target Applications

  •  Serial communication via host terminal
  •  Xilinx JTAG tools

What's included

Ultra96 USB-to-JTAG/UART Pod
Quick Start Instructions